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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ryann Watters movie actors "In the News"

BG teen scores role in Christian action movie
By ALYSSA HARVEY, The Daily News
Taylor Boswell, 16, an actress from Bowling Green, will be in an upcoming Christian film.

Taylor Boswell’s first audition for a model and talent agency was not glamorous. While the other girls were dressed like traditional model hopefuls and exuding as much cool professionalism as they could muster, Taylor was sweating. It wasn’t because she was nervous, though.
“We had just left from a basketball game,” Jana Boswell, Taylor’s mother, said with a laugh. “She was wearing her basketball uniform.”
On that day a couple of years ago, the Bowling Green girl literally jumped on the runway and started walking the path that has led her to where she is now Taylor, 16, is getting set to film the Christian youth action-adventure, “Ryann Watters and the King’s Sword,” which is scheduled to be released in summer 2011. She will play Liddy Thomas, Ryann’s best friend.

“It’s a good, family-friendly movie,” Taylor said “It has great morals.”

Set in Mount Dora, Fla, and based on the book by Eric Reinhold, “Ryann Watters and the King’s Sword” tells the story of a boy who is visited by an angel and is given three gifts. Ryann must use the gifts to save a world called Aeliana. At the same time, a dark angel chooses a bully, Drake Dunfellow, to stop him.

“It’s like Narnia meets Harry Potter,” Jana Boswell said “It has a Christian spin.”

Taylor is no stranger to the camera She appeared in the movie “Windjammers.” She has filmed a variety of other things, including promotions for Nickelodeon, an SNL Digital Short, “Celebrity Apprentice” and a pharmaceutical industrial film used to train nurses. She is also the clear face model for Epiduo skin care.

“I love modeling, but I love acting so much more,” she said.
A former national and international speech champion, Taylor travels with her family - which includes her father, Mike Boswell, and her brother, John Mikel, 12. They live in New York for much of the year. Taylor, who attended Bowling Green Christian Academy, and her brother are homeschooled.
“The key is that my family is supportive of me,” Taylor said.
Taylor said she had never thought about acting before, but fell in love with the craft. Someone had seen her in speech competitions and suggested that she get an agent. She is represented by Shirley Grant Management.

Jana Boswell said that after Taylor won the 2009 Actors, Models and Talent for Christ Overall Best Actress award, more offers began pouring in for her. Taylor hasn’t changed, though.

“She is always out on auditions,” she said. “She’s the same girl she was before she left here. She always looks forward to coming home after filming. She still likes to hang out on the farm.”
She and the family feel blessed to be able to be with Taylor while she pursues this career.
“It’s a God thing. There’s no way we could put this together,” Boswell said. “We don’t have an entertainment background. We were homebodies involved in the community.”
Taylor said although she doesn’t have to be in strictly Christian films, she doesn’t want to compromise her faith.
“I can always make (my faith) a part of a project by keeping my morals and standards to what they are,” she said.
She also has advice for others who may want to pursue their dreams.
“If you feel it in your heart and know it’s what you’re supposed to do, then go for it,” she said. “Don’t let the dream-haters stop you.”

Taylor hopes eventually to study to be a prosecuting attorney at Vanderbilt University in Nashville and to continue to be open to doing movies and television.
“There’s nothing more exciting to a kid than not knowing what’s going to happen next,” she said. “You never know what’s around the corner. God’s got all that planned.”

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