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Friday, February 5, 2010

Fantasy Themes in Song

I was listening to a fun song I recently downloaded into my ipod this morning on the way into work and thought about how the mystery of God's creation can be woven into writing, visual images, and song. If you haven't listened to the ingenious song by "Owl City," called Fireflies, then click on the pic, in this post, to watch the music video.

Whether you've lived in the Midwest and can close your eyes and picture the lightening bugs flashing sporadically in a grassy field or you've only seen a documentary on them, you have an image in your mind that artists can work with to draw you closer to their element. I think about Aeliana and Ryann waking up in the middle of the night to find Carwyn gone. Getting up off his moss covered bed, he makes his was cautiously through the thick forest, holding his hands out in front of him to keep from bumping into anything in the thick forest. A dim light up ahead, so very slight, allows him to reach out and touch the rough bark of several trees just in front of him. Rushing to get to the small opening, he bursts through to find the air bursting at the seems with polka-dots of energy... fireflies.

How about you?

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Nathan R. Petrie said...

It's a good song. I couldn't figured out what it meant for a while. What do you think it means?

I sat looking at the lyrics for a long time and reading others' interpretations. I decided that the fireflies are memories.

High School student, Jason Derfuss films a summary video of book 1