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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Visit the NEW Book Store in Mount Dora!

Hey! There's a great new bookstore in Mount Dora, Florida and you know what's really cool? It's located right next door to the old bookstore (sadly closed several years ago), that Ryann, Liddy and Terell meet in to plan all their adventures.

Barrel of Books and Games - 144 W 5th Ave, Mount Dora, Florida 32757

Phone 352-735-1950

I stopped by today to visit with the owner, Crissy, who is now carrying my books. I signed, stamped, and put a gold sticker "signed by the author" on every copy and they come with our glossy, full color bookmarkers as well. Before I could leave the store 2 books were already sold!

Crissy is coming up with a date for a book signing at the store, probably the beginning of April. I will keep you posted here and on my Facebook page.

She indicated that the online store has been open for 5 years and they just recently opened the retail location. Games are a big seller on the website, but books dominate the sales in her store. New books and games are up front and there is a large section of used books in the back of the store. New books are 25% off and used are 50% off list prices.

Check them out the next time you visit Mount Dora and tell her I sent you!



Storyteller said...

I found the store, too, while I was visiting during the Christmas season. It's cool.

Sophia Grace said...

Can any one direct me to the store please,I tried but never found it, in fact every time i search for Mount Dora, i end up with Dora Games.

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