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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I'm working towards a 2013 release date for "Ryann Watters and the Belt of Truth," but for now you can get a massive discount on book 1, "Ryann Watters and the King's Sword," due to the publisher releasing a pallet of boxes from their inventory.  While they last, you can get one case (that's 22 books) for just $25!  That comes out to $1.13 a book and -94% off the original $17.99 retail price. Go to www.ryannwatters.com and click on the "Shop" stone.  Feel free to pass it on, but only after you order yours :)

They will be mailed in the original publisher box via media mail for the lowest shipping cost of only $11.50.  One book via normal first class postage was $3.00.  Here are a few reasons to act quickly...

1. Make Dave Ramsey proud.  Spend $25 and have Christmas and birthday presents for the year!
2. Donate the books to your church or school.  There is a free PDF at www.ryannwatters.com for teachers to use in class.
3. Use the books as a unit study for your home school group and the same free PDF on-line.
4. Start a children's book club and provide the first book for free to those that attend.
5. Donate the books to your local children's hospital or inner-city reading program.  Character-4-Kids, my non-profit charity, does this all over the United States.
6. Use the book as a fund raiser for your church, home school group, school or extra-curricular group.  Big profits in buying the books for $1.13 each and selling them for whatever price you choose.  Plus they are healthier for you than cookies, popcorn and candy bars that are the typical fund raisers!
7.  Keep the box in the back of your car and give them away when you run into families, friends, and kids who you think would enjoy them.

Don't delay.  I moved the boxes from the publisher's warehouse to a temporary location, but they are priced to ship out now and be where you want them in time for Christmas if necessary.

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