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Friday, February 13, 2009

Great Day to Visit Mount Dora!


My son, Kyler and I headed over to Mount Dora today. For those up north, I'm sorry to rub it in... but it was 78 degrees and Sunny! My first reason to make the trek, 20 miles over to Mount Dora, was to get some pictures taken for the expanded website (coming soon) and for the jacket cover of book 2. I wanted to get a picture of me by the lighthouse. I give you a preview in my next blog entry.

The other reason was to check out some of the newer stores I hadn't been in yet. My favorite shoppe today was by far - Cupcake Delights.

Judy is the owner and a super lady. I took quite a few pictures of she store and then went inside to introduce myself. It ends up that she has a 6th grader, Taylor, so I gave her a copy of my book. In return, she treated me to a few cupcakes for my kids. So... if you make your way to Mount Dora when your visiting Orlando, be sure to stop in, say hello to Judy, and tell her you read about Cupcake Delights on my blog!

If you want a “bakers’ cupcake” that will melt in your mouth and disappear long before you're ready for it to (causing you to try another) then stop by. You’ll get a warm welcome and a mighty fine cupcake.

Judy lives in Mount Dora, Florida with her husband Kyle and their daughter Taylor. She knew Mount Dora was a perfect place to start a cupcake shop. It’s a great little town and an awesome place to visit!

I couldn't agree with these comments more. I have a dream of buying a place in Mount Dora one day and opening up a bookstore / coffee shoppe. Help me sell a million copies and it's a done deal :)
By the way... you can slobber all over your keyboard by checking them out on the web at:

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