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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Book 2 is off to the Printers!

The count down has begun! My manuscript has gone through final approvals and is now off to the printer! Coming in at a whopping 400 pages, it will be almost twice the fun as book one! Ryann Watters and the Shield of Faith is going to be in stores on May 5th but I will be receiving early release copies on April 15th! Yes, there is a bright spot for tax day this year.

I will be making the book available for a SPECIAL Pre-release discount if you order early and your signed copy will be mailed out on the 16th and 17th! Please spread the word! Check http://www.ryannwatters/ next week!

I thought you'd enjoy a sneak peak at the title page treatment!

Thanks, Eric


bigguysmama said...

Soooo excited for you and for all us readers!!

Mimi B

Eric Reinhold said...

Yes, thanks... it's getting exciting. This was a fun sequal to write and I believe families are going to enjoy it even more!

High School student, Jason Derfuss films a summary video of book 1