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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pre-order Book 2 now and get $5 off!

Yeah! Book 2 is now available to Pre-order
and will be shipped April 18th!
That's 3 weeks ahead of Amazon and your favorite bookstore. Plus I'll be signing all of the books and including a free, full-color, glossy bookmark with each one. They can be ordered directly here:

Thanks for your support! If you can pass along the word to friends via e-mail, facebook, and in person at church, school, clubs, and sports teams I would appreciate it. Books build momentum via people and the sales on book 1 and 2 will go a long way towards my publisher engaging me for book 3.

Thanks again!



Alassiel said...

When will you post the winners of the latest contest?

bigguysmama said...

Eric, gotcha up on my blog & Facebooked about it. We want book 3, so I'm hoping sales are a blessing!

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Eric Reinhold said...

Thanks so much! I'd love to get book 3 out as well. Time is tough now... but I have it outlined.

Contest results should be out today, Alassiel!

High School student, Jason Derfuss films a summary video of book 1