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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Books Are In!


It's now official... I have received my pre-order shipment of book 2, "Ryann Watters and the Shield of Faith." It's exciting to be able to have my own extensive supply of books so that I can easily take them to book signings and also provide a service to readers through direct sales. My website (or of course in person) is the only way to get a signed book...

PLUS, I had a printing company put print awesome, full-color, glossy bookmarkers that combine the front and back covers of the book. Those come free with an order off my website http://www.ryannwatters.com/.

I was concerned on the day of delivery as Central Florida was experiencing a downpour of rain. Fortunately the driver was late and the rain stopped by delivery time. My wife, Kim, and two of my kids came by to help move the boxes of books into storage.
In the same vein of the chip company that says "we'll make more," I'm hoping to get the word out about Ryann Watters so that I can say, "we'll print more!" Thanks for taking an interest and please pass the word about The Annals of Aeliana via e-mail, Facebook, book reviews on-line (Amazon, Borders, Christianbooks.com, etc.). I appreciate it!

Be blessed,


jon m. said...

Ah! It looks really thick! I can't wait to read it!
So, have you started on the third book, or are you taking a little break?

Servant of the One said...

That is pretty awesome Mr. Reinhold! I can't wait to hold a published book with my name on it...how did it feel the first time around? and even now?

I'm Nathan Petrie by the way...but I can't tell you that, 'cause of your settings. I don't use the email I"m using to post this...but I thought I'd reply anyway....congratulations!

bigguysmama said...

That's so awesome! Praying you get to tell the printers to print more, too!


Eric Reinhold said...

thanks for the support. i've outlined book 3 but am taking a break now. Yes, it's thicker, almost 400 pages.

J.R. Parker said...

That's gotta feel really great, opening the box and holding the finished book in your hand.

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