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Friday, February 18, 2011


"Ryann Watters and the King's Sword" gets a BIG upgrade!

Many of you have been asking, "what's going on with the movie?" and I am happy to say that I can now fill you in on some very exciting news. A year ago, I had no idea how the movie business worked and while I will not say that I am an authority on the topic now, I have had quite an education over the past nine months. If you've followed this project from the beginning, you know that it started out as a very low budget film. We realized that film was not reaching it's full potential and so some hard decisions had to be made. Thanks to a lot of Godly people who believe in the message of the movie and a great deal of prayer, a new direction was sought. And God has blessed the Ryann Watters films! That is right I said films. We are starting over with a 2 picture deal with a Hollywood production company at the helm.

Gold Pictures is located on the Universal Studios lot, in Hollywood, CA. Jeff Maynard will produce and award winning Directors Guild of America, Director Jenni Gold will direct. Their plan is to convert book 2 (Ryann Watters and the Shield of Faith) to a screenplay and film both movies at the same time! They will film the practical for books one and two, simultaneously and the fantasy sections of the movie will be done in animation. Jeff is an independent producer who spent the past five years working on over 35 major studio feature films for, The Weinstein Company (TWC) and Dimension Films, where he was the Senior Vice President of World Wide Post Production and worked on animation films such as:

Hoodwinked http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3YfG7P9VHE and

Arthur and the Invisibles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0XOsRFJ9EA (a real life to animation movie along he same lines as their proposal for Ryann Watters).

They have connections with the animation groups, from the above movies and others.

Other key points:
Jenni Gold has asked Taylor Boswell to reprise her role as Liddy.

Many of the voices for the animation characters in Aeliana will be name actors/musicians familar to viewers.

Both Jeff and Jenni are Christians and are very excited about doing this project. Jeff recently left TWC and wouldn't have been available to do a project of this size just a short time ago.
There are no coincidences, or as my daughter likes to tell me, "coincidences are God acting anonymously."

As things progress , I will keep you posted. Until them, I am working on book three... but that's another post!


WayneThomasBatson said...

YAY! Woot, go Lord! Stoked for you, Eric!

Scott Appleton said...

Wow... This sounds amazing. But what does this mean for all the footage done previously?

Scott Appleton said...

Will the Christian fantasy books still be used on the set?

Eric Reinhold said...

Scott, unfortunately the previous footage goes, "bye bye." Yes, I will still provide the author books for use in Ryann's room and we'll see that the new leadership wants to do. There are a few other interesting ideas I have pitched that I hope they will use and will reveal shortly.

john said...

Do you know if they will re-open casting? If so, do you have an e-mail address for actors to submit?

Eric Reinhold said...

As soon as the director lets me know, I will post it here and on Facebook :)


AWESOME!!!!!! I can't wait. When do you think the movie will come out?

Eric Reinhold said...

Hopefully, some time in 2012.

High School student, Jason Derfuss films a summary video of book 1