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Friday, March 4, 2011

Great News for Ryann Watters and the King's Sword co-star Taylor Boswell

Film Works Entertainment has acquired the Worldwide Rights to the family feature film "Wind Jammers." Starring Justice Von Maur & Taylor Boswell.
Set in the Bahamas, this funny and uplifting family film follows 16 year-old Justice as she overcomes racial prejudice and brings change to her community - all while having the time of her life learning to sail! Uprooted from her everyday life in Chicago, Justice reluctantly moves with her Dad to the Bahamas when his job is relocated. In an effort to fit into their new life her Dad joins the local 'members-only' yacht club, only to soon realize that the fact that Justice is of mixed race doesn't go down too well with the founding members of the club.
If that's not bad enough Justice finds even more resistance when she begins club sponsored sailing lessons and the founding members conspire to get both Justice and her Dad kicked out of the yacht club.When Justice meets a handsome young yachtsman and fellow club member, the pair grow close and together they decide that the stuffy yacht club is not going to stop them from doing what they love...and to prove it, both enter into the annual yacht race, previously open to all residents of the island but is now a strict 'members-only' affair. Come race day, Justice is forced to make decisions that will not only affect the outcome of the race but the every-day lives of everybody on the island.Fun for the whole family, this charming film will sail its way into your hearts and show you that if you believe in your dreams, you can overcome any of life's obstacles!
Wind Jammers is the debut feature film of Producer/Writer Ric von Maur and was produced in conjunction with New York city based Rosetta Films. Von Maur says, "We are all very excited! We worked very hard on this movie and are delighted that FilmWorks will distribute it."
After finishing the script with two other writers, Elliot Lowenstien and Michael Ray Brown, on Maur tapped veteran Bahamian Filmmaker Kareem Mortimer to Co-Direct. Mortimer says, "It was a really fun script. I am proud to have been apart of it and really glad that it will get a worldwide audience."

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