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Friday, October 31, 2008

BUY 2... Just in case!

It's not every day that I get an e-mail from a mom who is distressed because her dog ate everything in sight. Mimi Baker came home to find books and shoes completely destroyed. At first she blamed it on the new stray dog they took in. But later on she caught their Border Collie red-handed... err "red-mouthed" as she says. Here was the e-mail dialogue between the two of us:

Mimi: Hi Eric. Wanted to let you know I purchased the book today. Didn't think I was going to get to buy it after talking to my husband yesterday. Today we were given some money and I decided that it was going toward your book. If Jacob is willing to read, I'm going to do what I can to keep getting him the books that draw him in. It's been a hard time trying to find books that he will spend time reading. You're book is right up there with Captain Underpants and Diary of Whimpy Kid. I have to admit, I've been enjoying your book too. I'm reading it aloud to Jacob so it's given us some nice time together. I took a picture today of the book in it's current state. I threw away the cover, back and book jacket yesterday, not thinking I would actually take a picture. After your email about having better book sales with stray dogs like the one we have, I thought I'd take one now. :)

Eric: Thanks so much for the follow up e-mail and picture. I admit that I got a chuckle out of it, as it reminded me of the Dalmatian, my wife and I brought home a year after we were married. We left it in our kitchen, penned up fortunately, when we both went to work and when we came home we found blue stains all over the kitchen floor. Our dog had gotten up on the counter and knocked over the entire cup holder of ink pens! Blue footprints everywhere, blue stains on her mouth and all over her white hair. It’s funny now!

Mimi: You are welcome to use the book demolition if you want. Too bad I didn't still have the cover and front & back. Would've been a bit more colorful. This morning after being downstairs for about 20 minutes getting ready for work, I came upstairs and found the Border Collie, who is 6 mos old, eating my 5 yr old's The Ants Go Marching book. This happens to be one of his favorite books! I have a feeling we've been blaming the wrong dog. Sigh... the stray, Abby was laying sweetly on her cushions and looking at me as if to say, "am I in trouble for this one, too?" Poor baby. Caught the stinker, Rugby, red mouthed! Thankfully I heard him run into his kennel! Big chicken, get out here and face the book reviewer!! This is a house of book lovers, there is no tolerating the destruction of them!!!! GRRRR (literally) :) Oh, and we can't forget the shoes. We are also a household of shoe adorers!

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