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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tour Day 9 - San Diego

Today we closed the tour with a trip from L.A. to San Diego. The Barnes and Noble in San Diego was great... they had our books in the window and a huge section of the store, right up front, set up for us to do our book signing. Our favorite reader, Wayne Thomas Batson, did a reading from the Door Within, we had the internet streaming live, and we had a nice group of current readers and new readers show up for us to sign books and talk.

I am including photos of several new readers. If you haven't watched the book trailer video above, then take a few minutes to do so and pass it along to your friends. It's a great way to give them a summary of the book. Also, if you didn't get your copy of the Book 2 - bookmarker, then send me your mailing address and I'll mail one out to you! Right now we are promoting a free book marker for sending the link to this blog to 10 of your friends.

To the left we have a big group of new readers, including one of my new fans... Noah!

He's the one to the far left. I let him know that one of my favorite characters in the book is named after him.

After our two hours at Barnes & Noble, it was sad to think that the tour had come to a close. In some ways it passed by very quickly and in others it seemed like such a long time.
We built lifelong friendships with people we hadn't even met before this passed week. Our hope is that the Christian Fantasy genre will continue to build through efforts like these and that both Christian and non-Christian stores will carry our work to impact generations.

As we pack our bags to head back home to New York, Florida, Minnesota, Tennessee, Missiouri, Maryland and Colorado - we will have fond memories of this tour, our time together, and meeting new friends in every town we visited. We have discussed so many potential ideas for the future and it would be premature for me to mention them here, but suffice it to say... they are very exciting and as soon as we finalize them, you will be the first to know! Eric Reinhold

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