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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tour Day 2 - Seattle Area

What a whirlwind trip today! Heading down from Canada to a TBN television interview, while picking up some of the additional tour members at the airport - Wayne Thomas Batson and L.B. Graham.
The bookstores were awesome... first stop was The Harvest Logos bookstore (see photo above). There were many distracted drivers as a mock sword fight erupted among a few of the authors outside. After a few hours of meeting fans and signing books, we headed out on an hour trip down south of town to Enumclaw and a beautiful bookstore - The Salt Shaker Christian Bookstore. Dramatic readings by Jonathan Rogers and Wayne Thomas Batson highlighted the night as well as a sword fight between Christopher Hopper and Wayne, which broker out over whether long-hair or a bald head served fantasy fiction better!
It' time for bed... 11:30 pm and we need to get up at 5:30 am to head down to Portland! Eric


Alassiel said...

Dramatic readings?
Sword fights?
You guys sound like so much fun!!!! I wish I could be there!!!!!!!

Eric Reinhold said...

Wish you could too, alassiel... we're having a blast!

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