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Monday, October 6, 2008

Tour Day 4 - Sacramento, CA

We left bright and early (a recurring theme as you can tell), from Medford, OR to make our way down to Sacremento, CA. Majestic mountains, rivers, and pastures lined our drive on Highway 5, south. Our first stop was a "Jack in the Box" burger restuarant, which was highly recommended by L.B. Graham. Mmmmmm... is the best way to describe this juicy, monstrosity.

Back to the events... we then stopped at Trinity Christian School for an assembly time with the 5th-7th grades. This was the first event I spoke at and was followed by our favorite reader, Wayne Thomas Batson, and then a talk from Sharon Hinck on the Hero in all of us. After some Q & A, the sword play began between Wayne and Christopher Hopper... only this time, I joined in. They went through their typical banter over 'who rules the kingdom' and 'do real heroes have hair or are they bald?'

They asked for volunteers and I jumped in holding my head with confusion over who to join?

I revealed the front part of my head (yes, bald) and proclaimed, "Should I join Sir Christopher, a white knight in shining armor?" Chorus of yeas and nays. Then, "Strike that I mean should I join Sir Christopher a white knight whith a shiny head?" Lots of laughing! "Or should I drop this silly Irish accent and join the Antonio Bandaro look alike, Sir Wayne?" (change to slick spanish accent).

Yeas and Nays...

I pull out my sword at this point. "Sir Wayne... aka Sir Vain," and I look into my shiny sword and smile, "you look good, Sir Eric."

Chorus of laughter.

Christopher then said, "No, instead let us be all for one and one for all," as we point our swords in the air together.

We then headed out to dinner after a short stop at our Motel 8 (get it.. the Motivate Tour Stays at Motel 8!)... I digress. We rested and then jumped in the van and headed over to the mall and a mexican restuarant. Pictured here are LB Graham, a friend of Donita's, Donita K. Paul (aka Grandma), Christopher Hopper, Jonathan Rogers, Wayne Thomas Batson, Sharon Hinck, and the back of Amanda Davis's head. Brian Davis and I are out of the picture.

A short jaunt from there and we were at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore. There were lots of fans already waiting, the web cam was set up, along with our banners and we were up and running. Of course Wayne did his usual awesome job of reading, but this time we got to hear from his new "Isle of Fire" series. Arrgh! Pirates. Pictured below is a new friend I signed a book for and promises to read through and give me feedback right away!
Our Q & A period was the best. Beyond the typical questions on 'how long did it take to write your book,' we were asked by one boy in the front row, "are you all Christians?"

There was a resounding "YES!"

Then a woman asked a follow up question for each of us to give our testimony as a believer. What a great time to share, in the middle of Barnes and Noble, no less!

We've had lots of great questions from the Fantasy Fiction Tour website, so don't forget to check it out and give us an instant messaging question. Amanda, Bryan Davis's daughter will read them out loud for us to answer. Well, I better get to bed. Tomorrow we get up at 5:30 am again... whew.

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